Fighting back against all odds, Humanity relies on mobility and speed to defeat their Opponents. Supersonic Airships enable Expansions and Attacks anywhere on the World Map while Ace High victories enable Feint Attacks to steal any Opponent Territory.


Fun to play if you like rogue A.I's, Stealth Technology and Napalm. Hunting down Humanity and Aliens for capture, prisoners are moved to invisible Stealth Factories where their brains are transplanted into powerful cybernetic machines. Stealth Factories transform your lower Battle Cards (2 and 3) into Ace's that also establish Firewalls on the World Map, preventing Opponent attacks for one turn.

The Orcus

A parasitical tentacle monster that becomes exponentially more powerful the more it consumes. The Orcus starts out slow but if it's able to consume enough biomass to form three Mind Flowers, an intelligent hive mind is formed and enables 2-card battles for the rest of the game. If four Mind Flowers are formed, The Orcus becomes the strongest force in the game by enabling 3-card battles.

The Aliens

The Aliens command powerful Motherships and are considered a player-controlled "Boss Fight". Motherships always battle with a Queen High and every three turns a new Mothership will be available for deployment anywhere in the World.