Poker, Aliens and World Domination

Alien Bloom is a strategy game where 3 players compete for a 5-card Straight Flush on the World Map. Players must command their forces to take control of Territories and Continents while preventing other Players from doing the same.

Note: There is zero gambling in this game, it's purely for fun!

3 Paths to Victory:
  • 5-card Straight Flush on the World Map.
  • 2nd Win Condition (Faction-Based).
  • Sole Survivor.

Turn 1:
  • Starting Locations (J,9,7,4) are randomized each match.
  • Players may Expand or Attack during their turn.
  • Players are not allowed to Attack until Turn 2.

Battle Mechanics:
  • During Battle both Players must draw 4 Cards from their 13 card deck (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A).
  • The initial 3 Burn Cards are compared against each other in the event of Battle Ties.
  • The 4th drawn Battle Card ultimately determines the Winner of battles.

Continent Bonuses:
  • North America (4,5,6): Enables 2-card Attacks from the 4, 5 or 6 Territories.
  • South America (7): Starting on the “7 Territory" enables the first Expansion of the game.
  • Africa (8,9,10): Enables 2-card Defense on the 8, 9 and 10 Territories.
  • Europe (Q,K): Enables Attacks or Expansions anywhere on the World Map from the Q or K Territories.
  • Asia (A,2,3,J): Enables the Joker Territory to be collected.
  • Joker ($): Used as a Wild Card for the 5-card Straight Flush Win Condition and unlocks the Superweapon ability (Upcoming).

Nuclear Strike:
  • Each Player has a 1x Nuclear Strike that will overturn Battle results and create a Radiation Zone.
  • Nuclear Strike is enabled for a Player when their 4th Battle Card is an "Embattled Territory".
  • "Embattled Territory" is defined by the selected Attackers Territory and the selected Defenders Territory.
  • Example: The Attacking Player selects their Jack Territory to battle the Defending Players 3 Territory. If either Player draws a Jack or 3, that Player’s Nuclear Strike is available for use during this battle.

Radiation Zone:
  • Radiation Zone's cannot be used to complete a 5-card Straight Flush.
  • Radiation Zone's will kick controlling Players out after 1-turn.

Nuclear Ambush:
  • Nuclear Ambush is a Defending Player option to prevent the Attacking Player from winning the game too early via the 5-card Straight Flush Win Condition.
  • Nuclear Ambush consumes the 1x Nuclear Strike.

Final Stand:
  • If a Player can be Eliminated from the game during battle, Final Stand enables 2-card Defense.

Warning Indicators:
  • The Poker Icons at the bottom left warn of Player's that are one Territory or one Special Territory away from winning the game.

Humanity: Heart Suit
  • Expand or Attack anywhere on the World Map.
  • Ace High victories enable Feint Attack to steal any Opponent Territory.
  • 2nd Win Condition: Control any 7 Territories.

Cybernetics: Diamond Suit
  • Stealth Technology hides the Warning Indicator and Stealth Factories from Opponents.
  • Conquering a Humanity or Alien Territory enables a Stealth Factory to be constructed.
  • Stealth Factories transform the lower Battle Card’s into Firewall Ace's (2,3).
  • Firewall Ace's (2,3) place an impenetrable Firewall on that Territory for 1-turn.
  • 2nd Win Condition: Construct 4 Stealth Factories. 
  • 3rd Win Condition: Eliminate Humanity.

The Orcus: Club Suit
  • Conquering a Humanity, Cybernetics or Alien Territory automatically forms a Mind Flower on that Territory.
  • Expanding to a Radiation Zone automatically forms a Mind Flower on that Territory.
  • Once 3 Mind Flower's exist, Mind Flower Territories battle with 2-cards for the rest of the game.
  • While 4 Mind Flower's exist, Mind Flower Territories battle with 3-cards.
  • Conquering a Stealth Factory or Mothership automatically forms a Necro Flower on that Territory.
  • Necro Flower's transform the Deuce(2) into an Ace.
  • 2nd Win Condition: Form 5 Mind Flower's.

The Aliens: Spade Suit
  • Motherships always battle with a Queen High Battle Card.
  • Start the match with a Mothership.
  • Every 3-turns Deploy Mothership enables a new Mothership to be spawned.
  • 5 Deploy Mothership limit per game.
  • Holding down on a Mothership-Alien Territory enables a normal Attack from that Territory.
  • Holding down on a Mothership-Neutral Territory Expands to that Territory.
  • 2nd Win Condition: Deploy 4 Motherships.